About RedZone Weather

RedZone Weather is a hyperlocal weather service designed for Alabama and northwest Florida. The service is provided by RedZone Group, LLC.

Spinks Megginson is the executive director of the company. Here is a short synopsis of the company in his own words…

“RedZone Weather has been in the making for many years. When I say many years, this isn’t an exaggeration. The company is a culmination of my passion for meteorology and how it affects people, state of the art technology, and a genuine love of the people we serve. When I was a student at The University of Alabama, I realized the traditional roles of a broadcast meteorologists are quickly ceasing to exist. When I want weather information, where do I go? Not TV. Certainly not radio or newspaper. I go to my iPhone or my iPad. These are the devices that the company is based around. Moreover, we’re targeting areas where people already are, meaning this is a social media-first company. The model of making a website then promoting posts via social media may be popular right now, but that model is on the way out. People don’t want to click off of Facebook or Twitter to read something. They simply don’t have time. I know I don’t, and I would bet you don’t either.

The live streaming coverage we provide for our 12 county coverage area in south Alabama and northwest Florida has been seen by many thousands of people. We’re changing the way that people get their weather information, and perhaps more importantly, we’re going to be the “go to” source of weather information during severe weather events for our region. Unlike many operations that are driven by profits, this company will always have the people we serve as our number one priority. Getting out accurate and reliable information should be first. Profit should be second. I’m convinced that if we hold true to this model, we will enjoy success in the long run.”