10:31AM October 6, 2017

. October 6, 2017

The RedZone Weather app and website have entered into “high traffic” mode for the first time ever. The app and mobile website look slightly different in this mode due to a large number of people accessing the app and its associated functions at once. This is due to the approach of Tropical Storm Nate. Thanks for supporting RedZone Weather — pardon the slight, temporary appearance change.

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11:58AM August 31, 2017

. August 31, 2017

Mini-tornado outbreak of sorts is happening across north Mississippi right now. Largest city involved at the moment is Tupelo, where a tornado warning continues until 12:15PM.

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2:22AM August 30, 2017

. August 30, 2017

NWS New Orleans decided to issue a severe thunderstorm warning instead of a tornado warning… Nonetheless, the impact remains the same. Damaging winds possible shortly in a small area near and just southwest of Pascagoula, MS in Jackson County.

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2:18AM August 30, 2017

. August 30, 2017

Wouldn’t be shocked to see a tornado warning be issued momentarily for areas in Jackson County, MS near Pascagoula. Rotating storm moving onshore there now…

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12:01AM August 30, 2017

. August 30, 2017

I’ll be closely monitoring storms in the Gulf as they approach the Alabama and northwest Florida coastline overnight. Some of these storms have shown signs of weak rotation.

Have a way to receive urgent warnings overnight!

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